Joe happily eating a donut
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Hey, my name's Joe Avila.

I'm a web developer based in Seattle, WA. While React, Typescript/Javascript, HTML, and CSS are my bread and butter, I'm not afraid to quick to ask questions or learn new skills. You can see my previous work experience on my resume.

I'm looking for work!

My ideal role would be on a team of developers maintaining and adding new features to an app in production. The front end is where I'll be able to contribute initially. But I'm eager to continue honing my experience working with API's, especially those built in Node and/or GraphQL.

What I bring to the table:

I'm a team player with great communication! My active listening skill relates to my ability to pick up new technical skills quickly. The decade I spent in the service industry trained me not to personalize feedback. I have a positive attitude that I carry with me into daily meetings, and paired programming sessions.