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React, Typescript, Redux, esbuild

This is an in browser code executor. Behind the scenes I used the esbuild web assembly API to compile, bundle, and execute user code input, including importing npm packages. I used Redux with immer to store the code and markdown cells. One really cool feature is cumulative code. Cells have access to variables, imported packages and components created in the preceding cells.

This project is also published on npm. If you're a developer (or familiar with CLI's) you can easily use this application by running npx @javila-jsnote/cli serve in your terminal.

This fun project was the result of a Typescript & React course created by Stephen Grider.

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React, Typescript, Rails, react-query

This was my capstone project from my time at Flatiron School. I didn't actually know what I wanted to make, which made it very difficult to finish. I ended up settling on a news aggregator site, and this was the result. Since finishing school, I used this project as an opportunity to learn Typescript and the popular react-query library.

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JS Tetris


This was my third project at Flatiron, and my first attempt at paired programming. I had two great partners working on this and I learned a lot about working in a codebase with others. It was also just a very fun project to make, every break from code during school was spent playing Tetris. It's a very simple app, but I learned a lot about CSS, HTML, and Javascript from this project.

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